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This process starts with the video. You can type something into this box, and find that video on Youtube.
Or you can insert video URL from clipboard into this box above, and hit the pink button on the right.
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Howto convert a video from Youtube to mp3 format?

Youtube Mp3 Converter XYZ kicks other converters' butts

This may sound obnoxious and full of it, but we do have the best online Youtube to mp3 Converter on the Internet-Z (websites built by Gen Z for Gen Z [and Millenials]). It is stuffed with amazing features, it can do so much more than just plain old mp3 converting. Our site and product we're most proud of, can convert videos to mp3, and I mean not just from Youtube, but 100s other websites too. We also love Youtube, it has all the fresh music and oldies in abundance, so we have made it very easy to find videos on Youtube and convert them to mp3 in just 2-3 clicks. Go ahead, give it a try, and report back what you discover. Here are some of the cool features...

Convert to Mp3, but also check out M4A, WEBM, etc

Here we try to encourage unconventional formats. Like M4a and Webm, both are widely used on Youtube and everyone have come across audio streams in these formats, only they've always been a part of other process. Here we offer those formats and all other audio formats that we can find after scanning your video. We know everyone has their own needs and requirements, that's why we try to help with all the possible formats for video to mp3 converter.

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Try bookmark/shortcut

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Bookmark works great, it saves time on copy-paste step of the whole process of using this website by eliminating it. You need to drag and drop this bookmarklet button below to your browser bookmarks section, and then during good times watching some awesome video on Youtube that you suddenly need to have and have to download to your smartphone to show later to your coworkers in the Internet-less basement of your work place mail room, well, then you click the bookmark and you see what happens.. Basically it'll send you here with video URL, so you won't need to worry about copying and pasting it somewhere..

FAQ - Questions & Answers

What conversion formats are better?

For Youtube to Mp3 converter we recommend Mp3, of course. But you should also consider M4A and Webm, both are well suited to store audio as good as Mp3, and M4a is sometimes better sound quality, try it.

Does your system limit daily conversions?

No, it doesn't. We know these days it's hard to find an Mp3 converter you actually like, and this one here is very likable, so we decided to keep it that way and remove any limits on download.

Do you convert Youtube video playlists?

Yes, we do. We even have a special page for that. We actually love playing with playlists, we will show you all the videos in one, and you pick those you like and get them.

Is it just Youtube? How about Twitter?

We do Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, OKru, Vkontakte, Facebook, we pretty much download videos from all social networks. Sites like Vimeo, Daily, BBC, etc - there's nearly 700 websites we can help with right now.

How to convert Youtube video fast and easy?

  1. Open video to convert, copy its URL link (to clipboard, try F6 then CTRL+C in Chrome).
  2. Open youtube-mp3-converter, paste URL into the box, hit Download and wait 10 sec.
  3. Now pick out the video quality and format, Get Download link and download the video, or convert it to another format.

How to download video from Youtube on Android?

  1. Whether it's Android, iPhone or other mobile device, open Youtube app, find your video and copy its URL via Share & Copy Link
  2. Navigate to Youtube Mp3 Converter and insert video URL into the search box on top of the page
  3. Wait for download options, pick the one you like (keep in mind use WIFI cause downloads get big, also your device storage is limited), Get Download Link, long tap it, Save Link As (Apple products need jailbreak or Documents app to save media files).