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One way to use this Youtube video downloader is to feed it a video URL from Youtube, you can usually copy it from the Youtube app or your internet browser address bar. But in case that doesn't work for some reason, find tons of similar videos via our Youtube video search feature, just start typing your video title or anything you know about it.
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How to download video from Youtube to mp4 video file?

Youtube video downloader free & no limits

Youtube video downloads are popular all over the world. Mostly it's because of the widely accepted tactic of Youtube creators where they block certain countries or continents from accessing their videos, especially popular in Latin countries, they just want their music to themselves. But we say NO to such draconian restrictions, that's why we created this website. It employs thousands of proxies all over the world to make sure all restricted content is liberated for the whole world to see. The more geo-blocking is in place, the longer it takes for us to find the suitable proxy for the transfer, so please give it time, or click Download Video again if original request times out and message pops.

Download Youtube video as MP4, WEBM, 3GP, etc

We are happy to help you convert Youtube video to Mp4 format, as well as most likely 3GP and WEBM are also there, but mostly Youtube video comes without audio, so we had to develop a way to fix that, so basically most Youtube videos will be downloaded as MP4, since other formats are not really capable of holding both video and audio in one container. We also glue together MPEG stream format delivered as M3U8 file of video segments into 1 MP4 file, usually other sites just give you the useless M3U8 file, are they expecting you to download all segments and glue them together? We don't think so, thus we do it for you.

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FAQ - Questions & Answers

How to easily download video from Youtube?

  1. Access the video on Youtube that you need to download, copy its URL to clipboard.
  2. Go back to youtube-mp3-converter and insert video URL into the search box, hit Download.
  3. Wait for download options, Get Download Link and then Right-Click to save the video file to your device.

It seems I cannot download mp4, why is that?

if you're on an Apple device, - you need special software called Documents to avoid their restrictions on saving media files outside of iTunes. Otherwise we can only recommend you check the amount of free storage space available on your device... Contact us if you're still having trouble.

Where do you find downloaded video files?

Files you download are by default saved into the Downloads folder or the "download history" section of your device, you can get to it through browser menu easily, or do a search on your computer for the filename of your latest download.